Quality and Safety

By using its own full-time employees for all its projects, ICF Constructors ensures its customers that all work performed will be consistent from job to job, site to site and city to city. Well-trained employees who have a vested interest in the success of the company are what holds ICF Constructors above the rest.

Insulated concrete form construction is all that ICF Constructors does every day. No other company in the area has the consistent volume of work in its backlog or the wide variety of experience working on different types of projects. Due to its volume of work, ICF Constructors is truly mobile, showing up on site with fully-equipped trucks and a work van with literally everything necessary to perform quality work on the most primitive job sites. It is also this volume of work that has not only allowed, but required the investment in high-quality, new equipment to meet demands. A very large inventory of OSHA approved scaffold bracing, including a complete set of 20-foot-long braces allows the construction of very large projects without breaks the schedule necessary to free bracing from poured walls. With employee safety and efficiency in mind, ICF Constructors has invested in the best ergonomic power tools available. Proper use of these tools and strict adherence to a 20-step checklist prior to concrete placement ensure straight and plumb walls, sometimes a challenge to less qualified contractors.

All employees are thoroughly grounded in good safety practices with a fully-implemented safety program, covering all aspects of job site safety from the basic use of hand and eye protection to the erection of OSHA approved scaffolding systems and the operation of motorized aerial personnel lifts. Each year, employees are required to complete refresher training on all aspects of job site safety and ICF Contractors protectors itself, its employees and its customers with general liability insurance and workmen’s comprehensive insurance.